Ergonomic articulated stool

Sysmo is a modular articulated stool inspired by human anatomy that encourages an active sitting position. It consists of a base, a seat and several vertebrae and intervertebral discs that work like a spinal column. It enhances the user's own body perception, promotes good posture and leads to an ideal sitting position.

Always on the move with Sysmo

In contrast to conventional seating systems, Sysmo encourages the user to move continuously when seated. The new articulated stool's design offers the right mix of axial stability and flexibility. It loosens tension by encouraging tilting movements of the pelvis and torsional movements of the lower lumbar spine. Articulated sitting trains the segmental back muscles and actively helps strengthen the entire back. The stool also promotes blood circulation and stimulates brain activity.

Energetic benefits

Sysmo feels like an extension of the spine. The design of the articulated stool promotes central alignment and dynamic balance between stability and flexibility whilst simultaneously supporting grounding. It helps release internal tension and blockages.

Focus on ecology

Sysmo is sustainable: the articulated stool is manufactured from solid, long-lasting Swiss wood from FSC-certified sources. Its organic appearance conveys naturalness and beauty – every stool is truly unique. There are two possible choices: walnut or maple. The walnut is treated with natural citrus oil and covered with a layer of transparent wax. The maple is treated solely with wax.

Protective and breathable

The natural oils and waxes lend the surface of the wood a beautiful sheen and highlight its specific grain and structure. They also protect it from dirt and water. Minor damage is easily repaired by sanding and re-treating the wood. The waxes and oils guarantee the wood maintains its breathability.

Robust and flexible

The stool's spinal discs are made of elastomer, a dimensionally stable yet flexible synthetic material. It gives way to accommodate tension and pressure and returns to its original form when the strain is removed. Elastomer is robust and highly resilient.

Technogel – gentle to the body

The seat of the Sysmo is manufactured in Italy from Technogel®, an innovative polyurethane gel. It adapts to the user's anatomy to assure the best possible seating comfort. Pressure is distributed evenly over the entire surface as the material can expand in all directions. This is of particular value to the spine as the seat surface is ideally aligned to the spine's three-dimensional structure.

Body and mind in harmony

Technogel® reduces pressure points and improves blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to skin tissue. Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, Technogel® fosters the dissipation of heat. Sysmo therefore promotes a relaxed sitting position that has a positive effect on body and mind.


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Gian-Luca Sabato

Tel. +41 (0)79 683 6537

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Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 11:30 / 14:00 – 16:30


Stool concept and design : Gian-Luca Sabato

Art direction and graphic design : Alex Lala

Development : Mengxue Jin

Photography : Matthieu Spohn

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